Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Volvo Lorry

Last weekend I made a return visit to the car boor sale that yielded a couple of vehicles for the AK47 Republic objective competition.  There were the usual collections of battered old toy cars and this time we came away with 3 Matchbox goodies, a Porsche 928 and a Lamorghini Countach for the young 'uns and a Volvo lorry for me.  There lots of Matchbox "Leyland Ergomatic Cab" lorries but I already have quite a lot of those.

This was originally sold as a "container lorry" with a shipping container on the back, from 1985-2000.

The detail underneath lists it as being 1:90 scale but as you can see from the photographs, it matches neatly against the 1:100 Saviem I used in one of my objective markers.

I think it's unlikely that anyone seeing this in a 15mm game will exclaim "By gad man, what are you doing using that ridiculously out-of-scale vehicle!", so now to drill out the rivets and repaint.

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