Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Colonial Defence Force from GZG

 More of my Ground Zero models, this time some of their new Colonial Defence Force sculpts.  These are going to become the "Green Hollow Rangers".  Green Hollow is a sparsely populated, heavily forested world and the GHR are renowned for their wilderness skills.  I've opted for 2 packs of rifles, 1 support weapons and 1 light machine guns plus 2 packs of cavalry for recce work.  The soft cap heads suit the image I'm trying to create, cavalry only come in helmets but I don't mind this because you can see why mounted troops would want an extra bit of head protection!

Green Hollow Rangers ready to be cleaned up and undercoated.

L-R: Assault rifle, LMG (with drum mag), anti-tank rifle

L-R: LAW, assault rifle, LMG.

Cavalry - not available with caps, but helmets are a must for safe riding!
The one thing that's missing is an obvious squad leader in the rifles pack but this doesn't matter too much.  All troops are well-provisioned with full webbing, day sacks, partial armour (eg shoulder plates), the usual details you'd expect from GZG.  I already have some ideas on painting which will tie in with some of the previous figures I've done.  I'll put together a more in-depth review when I've got some painted.

GZG sale goodies

I've just received a box of glittering metal goodness in the post, my latest delivery from Ground Zero Games.  Lots of reinforcements for the Neo Colonial Commonwealth in the form of NAC Marines:


NAC Support Weapons

NAC Rifles B

NAC Rifles A

Medics and casualties

More casualties!
 I'm planning on turning some into military police, others will be converted with head swaps:

Conversions using Peter Pig wolf heads!