Monday 8 June 2015

Rescue the Wizard!

Alas!  The home of the Emperor's wizard has been seized by the forces of evil!  Can our heroes rescue him?

Into the dungeon they go - an Orc is sighted!

Barbarian trades blows with the Orc but is victorious!

Elf leads the way down the corridor.  In the background looms a pit where the Barbarian fell to his doom, slain by Orc guards!

What's through this door... the guard room!  2 Goblins and an Orc!  The Elf and Dwarf are slain in the ensuing struggle!

The Halfling checks the prison cells - here is the Wizard!

"Thank you young adventurer - now let's get those Goblins!"

Guards defeated, Wizard and his Templar from the adjoining cell head for the armoury.

The Wizard restores the Dwarf to life, he and Halfling continue towards the next corridor.

A Beastman blocks the way through the Wizard's study - until he is incinerated with a fireball!

Useful spell ingredients here!

Into the grand chamber where Chaos Warriors prove no obstacle to our heroes.

The store-room, guarded by a Beastman.

"Bugman's Ale!" cries the Dwarf, "I'm quaffing some of that!"

The Wizard heads for his bed chamber to fetch more spells.

The Wizard's wall of stone blocks 2 Beastmen but more come from the other corridor...

Look out Halfling!

Is this where the Beastmen came from?

Look out - two more hiding round the corner!

The Dwarf falls once more - and the other Beastmen start to break through the wall of stone...

Re-animated once more, the Dwarf presses on, slaying first the Beastmen, then some Goblins.

The Halfling foolishly opens the tomb.  Good job the Templar is a fearsome warrior.

Their mission competed, our heroes head for the surface.

The complete dungeon - entrance bottom right, exit far left.