Monday 10 March 2014

Escape from Zombie Island - playtest 2!

 Sunday was our latest Scout games day, another chance to playtest Escape from Zombie Island.

This time the survivors weren't so lucky, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

The island.  The sea is off to the right.

A view of the island from the sea.  Zombies are already appearing...

The security team break out of their HQ building.

The woodsmen acquire some transport.

The first of the townsfolk falls to a zombie!

More zombies swarm towards the survivors...

Pistol Patty adds another truck to their inventory.

The spaceship crew dash panic-stricken towards the scrapyard.

The big articulated lorries prove a popular mode of transport.

Security team suddenly realise they can't remember who had the keys last...

The townsfolk sprint past the zombies (who are in hot pursuit!)

Chainsaw Charlie tries to grab another truck btu his luck runs out...

Despite his chainsaw, Charlie is overwhelmed!

Having evaded the zombies, the townsfolk creep down an alley.

Big trucks are good for squashing zombies!

Lots of action near the main street!

Security team clamber into the SWAT van.

Charlie is dead!  The zombies will feed on his body for a turn.

Spaceship crew prove unable to start a simple lorry.

SWAT van accelerates into the zombies...

.. but fail to kill any.  The zombies start to rock the vehicle...

... and overturn it!  What will become of the security team?!

Charlie goes for the "longest death scene in a game" award.

More zombies home in on the stricken SWAT van!

The van is surrounded!

Cyborg shots a clear path for the humans, who sprint away.

Zombies overturn the lorry!  Spaceship crew run for a nearby dump truck.

Zombies are left behind, milling around the wrecked lorry.

Last stand... final game turn and it doesn't look good for the survivors...
An exciting game, we ran out of time but things weren't looking good for the survivors, only 2 of whom had made it to a boat.  Zombies were starting to swarm and the survivors as a whole still needed to find some food for their journey.  Transport was disappearing, either wrecked by zombies or running out of fuel (event card).  As the screen fades to black and the credits roll, I shall leave you, the viewers to ponder their fate...


  1. Looks great, very impressed with 15mm here.

  2. Ha! You have brought a smile to my jaded old face! Great fun, backed up with plenty of pictures- I loved it!

  3. Glad it's proving popular! Hopefully I'll be able to play a third episode in the next few weeks...