Tuesday 13 August 2013

Star Wars AT-TEs

As usual, last weekend found me haunting the toy basket at the local charity shop.  I was very pleased to pick up these two Star Wars All Terrain -Tactical Enforcer walkers for 50p each.

AT-TEs with some GZG 15mm power armour for scale.

Although probably closer to 1:200 scale and rather primitive in some areas of sculpting (they are, after all, freebie McDonalds toys), I think they'll do as heavy troop transports for my 15mm gaming.  The detail on the legs is very nice and there is some good relief panels that should drybrush well.  A few additions to improve the weapons and they'll be ready to go.

Off to stomp on some enemies...
They'll receive a repaint of some sort.  I was thinking about a camouflage scheme but now I'm thinking that they might be a suitably intimidating form of transport for my Red Shadows.  They could look rather nice with a red base colour and some black/dark grey detailing.

As a bonus they have wind-up motors inside that will send them stomping (at very slow speed) towards the enemy!


  1. Nice find i never find any cool stuff like this, it just aint fare....

  2. Very suitable for genre and scale- good spot Paul!