Sunday 26 January 2020

Snow Trac

A few years ago I spotted this Snow Trac at the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum in Flixton. 

Snow Trac

Snow Tracs were used by NATO in Norway and I think they'd be a good addition to my mid-1980's Action Force collection.

Snow Trac rear detail

The Royal Marines version was very light weight, with the fixed cabin replaced by a canvas tilt.

Information panel at Flixton museum.

They could easily be fitted with a WOMBAT recoilless rifle for anti-tank work.  Incidentally, anyone who watched the recent His Dark Materials BBC TV series may recognise the Snow Trac as a vehicle the Gyptians had in their convoy to rescue the children from Bolvangar (though without the gun!).

Snow Trac in use with an L6 WOMBAT recoilless rifle.

A trip to the local car boot sale this morning furnished me with a matchbox Snow Trac for the princely sum of 50 pence.  It's slightly over-sized but not by much and to be honest, how often do you see one driving down the street to be able to compare it to a person?

Snow Trac in the snow.

I'll need to whip up some tracks for it but that shouldn't be too hard.  Royal Marine Snow Tracs did not have the fixed cabin but I'm not planning on fitting a WOMBAT so I'll just add a bit of stowage and leave it at that.

That man in blue should be wearing a hat in the cold weather.

I'll need to bend the front back into shape slightly and the tow hook and part of the rear equipment rack but should be fairly easy.

Won't get far without any tracks!

Some paint stripper or a polish with a steel brush and some wire wool should get it ready for an undercoat and a suitable snow camo scheme.