Saturday 10 May 2014

Den of the Chaos Dragon

 After last Sunday morning's trip to the Diceni Games fair, it was home for a quick lunch, then off to the Old Buckenham Bone Crushers for a Heroquest dungeon adventure.  Into the dungeon we venture with Eli-Dora the dwarf (Emily), Enthymethis the Enchanter (Declan), un-named Master of Swords (Simon), Big Jon the halfling (Paul) and un-named Elf (NPC / spare character).  Several of Paul's goblins are this week's special guest stars.

Led by Eli-Dora the stout dwarven warrior, the adventurers stride forth into the dungeon.

Big Jon the impetuous halfling leaps over the acid pool and finds himself alone in a room with lots of goblins...

Travelling to the same room via an alternate route, the Enthymethis the Enchanter finds the body of a dwarf.  As he bends to examine the body, a goblin bursts out from behind the corpse!

Nimbly leaping over the pool, the elf comes to Big Jon's rescue.

Enthymethis the Enchanter fights for his life but Eli-Dora rushes to assist..

The elf has slain several of the attackers and the companions rush in to finish off the last goblin.  Searching the room, Big Jon finds a scuffed old lamp in a cupboard.  "Hmm..." muses Enthymethis, "could it be magical?"

Big Jon and Enthymethis refresh themselves at a healing fountain.

A foetid odour flows out from behind the bookcase.  Enthymethis rummages on the shelves and finds a dusty old scroll which might come in useful later.  He tucks it inside his cloak and peers down the side of the bookcase.  A secret passageway is concealed beneath the stairs but I'm not going in there!  What's up these stairs instead... a beastman!

One beastman dead - but there are more ahead!

Big Jon the halfling checks the stairs for traps.  Lots of chests to check for treasure here and perhaps that corpse has some useful equipment.

Raargh!  A beastman lunges from beneath the stairs as our heroes search for treasure.  Luckily it is soon overcome.  The master of swords find a magical ring which enhances his fighting prowess.

Ignoring the sewer stench, Big Jon decides to explore.  What was that loud roaring sound?  It sounds like it was coming from that small grille up ahead...

"Where has that halfling got to..." ponders Eli-Dora, "perhaps he went this way?"  Oops!  Maybe not!

Big Jon peers through the grating and spies a mighty dragon!

AND a Chaos sorceror!  Oh dear!  Where did he put that magic lamp?  Big Jon rubs hard upon the scuffed side of the lamp and a genie appears!  "Kill the sorceror!" cries Big Jon!
The genie rolls his attack - an incredible roll!

Aaaagh!  The wizard is slain!

The dragon is on the move!  Its sinuous body ripples down the corridor and through the secret doorway into the sewers.  "How can it move so fast" panics Big Jon!

"What's that awful roaring," muse the adventurers, "it sounds like it's coming from back the way we came."

The dungeon so far...

"Hey you!"  The elf splashes into the sewer channel, waves his bum at the dragon then leaps out again as a ball of flame billows down the tunnel, followed by an enraged dragon.  Enthymethis casts "Rock skin" on the master of swords.

As the dragon towers over him, the elf wishes that he hadn't been quite so eager to distract it away from Big Jon.A short, vicious fight ensues, ending when the master of swords strikes a might blow which slices the serpentine body in half!

The dragon defeated, out heroes press on, overcoming more Chaos Warriors.

Fearsome though they are, none can prevail against the master of swords' magically enhanced combat skills.

As Eli-Dora examines some barrels, a beastman explodes from under the water, but help is at hand...

"Hurry up," mutters Big Jon impatiently, "I want to see what's through here... oh."

Big Jon regrets his decision to press on instead of waiting for the others.

Enthymethis casts his sleep spell upon the slow-witted cyclops, causing it to fall into a stupor.  Unfortunately it wakes almost immediately!  Enthymethis fumbles in his cloak pockets, "wait!  I found a scroll back on that book shelf..." His second sleep spell puts the Cyclops back under and this time it remains unconscious.

The beastmen slain, the adventurers spread themselves around the Cyclops.  "Attack!"  Swords slice into the Cyclops which wakes with a bellow of pain.  Even Big Jon joins the attack, his short sword hamstrings the Cyclops as the master of swords fends of its attacks.  Suddenly it is all over.  Mortally wounded, the Cyclops crashes to the ground and breathes its last.  Our heroes stand victorious!
Another exciting adventure full of peril.  The adventurers' teamwork was the key to their success, especially the wizard boosting the master of swords' attack/defence with various spells, he was rolling about 5 defence dice and 11 attack dice at one stage (would normally be rolling 2 defence, 4 attack).  The adventurers did find more treasure and magical items than usual because I was making the most of my new treasure chests, crates, cupboards etc.

Monday 5 May 2014

Diceni 2014

Yesterday was the Diceni Games fair at the Forum in Norwich.  A nice range of games going on, some great costumes and lots of traders.

Power Rangers and an Ewok guard the entrance.

"Just About Games" and their Victorian Steampunk game.

A nice recreation of the back streets of London!

New Buckenham Historical Wargames - Agincourt

Bolt Action - GIs and Japanese in combat.

Fenris Games fantastic board.

Stormtrooper and Wookiee

Stormtrooper and Wookiee again.

Jedi in conference with fellow sci-fi fans.

Ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Another Jedi.

Saxon and WWII soldier discuss tactics.

Steampunk Lady.

Han Solo.

Death Star Gunner