Tuesday 31 August 2021

TT Combat Sandstorm Barricades

TTCombat offer a great range of laser cut scenery but the 15mm scenery is mainly WWII.  That said, various items of the 25/28mm scenery ranges are easily re-purposed as 15mm.

Although designed with games like Star Wars in mind, their "Sandstorm Barricades"work very well with 15mm figures, representing head-height wall. 
They come vac-wrapped on their wooden sprues and the majority of parts have only 1 or 2 narrow connecting points on each component.  It's the matter of a couple of minutes with a sharp stanley knife to cut through these, pop out the parts and give the connection stubs a quick rub down with abrasive to make them disappear. 
Parts slot together very easily, the barricades were glued together (with the assistance of a 4-year old helper) in about 10 minutes.
Once assembled, the barricades received a couple of coats of cheap matt grey spray primer.  A quick rub over with a wet & dry sanding block removed the rough surface to leave a lovely smooth finish.
Detail has been painted in red or blue acrylic craft paints, with burnt umber & burnt sienna rust marks.  The final stage was a wash of Future floor polish and black ink.

Rebel Minis Viper

Rebel Minis seem to be ahead of the pack compared to a lot of other games companies. They have a digital store as well as a physical store, so you can order the .stl files to print your own vehicles (assuming you have access to a 3D printer).  They are currently running a crowdfunding campaign for a new version of their Viper suits in conjunction with the talented John Bear Ross. I corresponded with him a few weeks ago regarding the long out of production Critical Mass Games mecha and I have to say, he is a true gentleman.

Image used without permission - copyright rests with Rebel Minis Digital Direct and John Bear Ross

 If you want to support him and Rebel Minis, here's the link to their campaign:


 And here's a link to JBR's blog about it:


Wednesday 25 August 2021

Alternative Armies - Ikwen Uprising special pre-order event!

It seems like ages ago (December 2019 in fact) I mentioned the Ikwen Kickstarter by Loud Ninja Games creator Eli Arndt.  Sadly it didn't fund so the only Ikwen I have are a few of the existing ones but Alternative Armies are currently runing a pre-order special event with 25% off not only the upcoming Ikwen but also all the existing Loud Ninja Games models!


The event runs until Friday 3rd September 2021 so if you're after lots of characterful aliens for games like 5 Parsecs from Home, Rogue Stars, take a look!  There are plenty of excellent models for larger armies too, not only the Ikwen but also the Chuhuac Space Raptors (dinosaurs with guns!), Wasteland mutants (lots of mutants, survivors, zombies) and more. I'll hopefully have a bunch of goodies on the way in a few weeks' time...