Tuesday 24 June 2014

More dungeon adventures!

Once more our intrepid band of adventurers set off into the gloomy depths.  This time they must find the evil Chaos Sorcerer before he can enact his terrible rites and use foul magicks to summon a fearsom monster!  2 fellow adventurers have been taken prisoner and are to be sacrificed as part of the ritual.  Can our friends reach them in time?

Things start off well until the dwarf gets distracted by an interesting tomb in a room which is suspiciously empty of monsters.  "I wonder what's in here?" he mutters, reaching towards the tomb.   "No, don't open the.." scream the rest of the party - but too late!

Oops!  Shouldn't have opened the tomb - lots of skeletons appear!

Lots of dungeon explored but few foes so far.

After fighting off all the skeletons, our slightly more battered party make their way into a room filled with intriguing chests, barrels and crates.  Time for some serious looting!  Unfortunately, the wizard happens to open the crate with a magical trap... bamff!  He vanishes in a puff of purple smoke!  Where has he gone..?

Bamff!  The wizard appears.  Angry at the disturbance to their meal, the goblins all turn and stare...

Taking advantage of the Goblins' sudden shock, the wizard heroically turns tail and sprints as fast as his scrawny legs will carry him!  Quick down this corridor, there's a room ahead.. uh-oh!  This one has Orcs in it!  Right, back the other way, duck into the sewer tunnels!

Run away!  Run away!

The Goblins and Orcs pursue!
 Ahead, the wizard spies a much larger room.  Some sort of Chaos rune is anointed upon the floor.  Dashing into the room he discovers the Chaos Sorcerer on a balcony, chanting an incantation to summon a fearsome monster.  The Wizard casts his spell to summon a genie to attach the sorcerer!

Sadly the genie's attack proves spectacularly ineffectual!

Time for plan B!  The wizard rushes down to the first prison cell.  Peering through the keyhole, eh can see a female adventurer.  Casting "pass through rock", he helps her escape from the cell.  She leaps into action, attacking the sorcerer and distracting him from his summoning.  Meanwhile, zombies shamble forwards from the darkness to attack the wizard...

Closer and closer creep the Goblins...

The deeper dungeon as explored so far.

*rattle rattle!* "Open the door!  Let me in!" cried the wizard.

"But what of the others," I hear you ask, "what fate has befallen those on the other side of the dungeon?"  Having opened and closed all the treasure chests several times, just in case it would send them to wherever the wizard had gone, the dwarf and the swordsman gave up and carried on with their looting and pillaging.

A Chaos Warrior surprises the Dwarf from behind!

"I thought that room was empty?" thinks the Dwarf.

Back to the wizard... with the Goblins now streaming into the evil Sorcerer's lair, the wizard and the swordswoman retreat into a small store room which they hope to defend until help arrives.

Orcs and zombies pursue the wizard.

"Quick, this way.. oh.  A dead end, we're trapped!"

Dwarf and swordsman battle the Chaos Warriors.

"Prepare to die, puny dwarf!"
The swordsman leaps towards the Chaos Warrior.  "I'll save you," he cries!

Thwack!  The Chaos Warrior's axe slices through the swordsman's armour!

"Nooooo!" cries the Dwarf before slaying the Chaos Warrior in revenge.

Curiosity overcoming his grief, the Dwarf rolls his friend's corpse into the blood pool, just to see what will happen.
As the swordsman's body dissolves in the blood pool with a fizzing hiss, we return to the action on the far side of the dungeon...

"You shall not pass!"  No, wait, wrong film...
Free from distractions, the Chaos Sorcerer has finished his summoning spell and a mighty Earth Elemental appears.  With a single bone-splintering blow it pulverises the swordswoman to a bloody pulp.

Oh no!  They've failed to stop the evil sorceror from summoning an Earth Elemental!
Seconds later the wizard shares this terrible fate.

Two might blows slay both the female fighter and the wizard!
At last the Dwarf has found the corridor that connects the two parts of the dungeon, but alas!  He is too late!  Bellowing with rage he charges in, but the sheer number of Goblins overwhelms him.  Alone in his cell, the halfling shivers in terror - he heard loud cries, the crash of blades followed by a mighty roaring of a fearsome monster!  Who knows what fate has in store for him...

The dwarf rushes in to help - and he, too, is slain!

So... the adventure ends in defeat for our heroes!  The teleportation spell trap proved most confusing and the heroes spent a long time exploring the wrong way before realising how the 2 areas connected.  Perhaps they'll be luckier next time.

The final dungeon layout.