Tuesday, 4 October 2022

Tyre stacks

 After printing and painting these bits of shanty junk from Terrain4Print, I was tyred out...

Monday, 3 October 2022

Shanty barricades

 To go with my recently completed rundown hab block, I printed some shanty barricades from Terrain4Print.  These were rescaled to 56% to convert them from 28/32mm down to 15mm models.  They're pictured here with a range of figures from GZG, Rebel Minis and Peter Pig.

Shanty obstance B

Shanty obstacle B (reverse)

When you look closely, they don't completely make sense, including only the front half of fuel drums, tyre stacks etc.  They still look great though, so rule of cool says they'll have a place on my games table!

Shanty obstacle A

Shanty obstacle A (reverse)

They have a good range of textures on both sides and I love the little broken up washing machine!

Shanty obstacle C

Shanty obstacle C (reverse)

Shanty obstacles E (left) and D (right)

Shanty obstacles E (left) and D (right)

These barricades will also work with the hab block to provide some extra cover for anyone on the roof or around the front.

Barricades in use.

Sunday, 2 October 2022

Kore 15mm hab block

I went all-out on this hab block from Kore, scultped by Giacomo Pantalone.  It was a hollow-cast model, filled with expanding spray foam.  It was heavily discounted when I bought it, being slightly warped, but not too badly and so still perfectly usable.  I sawed off the bulge of foam underneath, mounted it on a Foamex base and added various extra details, some 3D printed and some hand made materials.  The Foamex was scored to create a concrete slab effect out to the front.  A few cracks were carved in and some areas shaved to give the effect of subsidence.

"Excuse us citizen, we've had reports of a disturbance."

Everything was sprayed with Wilko grey primer, then touched up with Vallejo stonewall grey until the colour was fairly uniform.  A few extra details were added with silver for the pipes, window shutters and vents. Doors and some other vents were picked out with red and blue.

"We have a warrant to check the premises."

A wash of black ink/matt varnish/water was applied over the whole model, then dabbed off and streaked for weathering.

"What a dump. Looks like he has air conditioning though."

Various extra items of scenery were added, then brown tile grout and sharp sand was sprinkled around the edges of the building to hide the joins and bring everything together.  Some small shreds of my home-made scenic foam flock added a touch of extra colour.

"Not particularly hygienic."

Additions round the back included some 3D printed chemical drums and some scraps of paper. I also constructed some tiny cardboard boxes out of paper.  They were stained with some dabs of heavily diluted ink and matt varnish.

"Nothing round the back."

I added some of Ecaroth's "dungeon sticks" 3D printed wall sections to create a little storage area to one side of the building.

"Does he have a licence for these chemicals?"

Some more scraps of paper and some more 3D printed cans were added, but leaving space for troops to hide behind the walls.

"Hope you're not intending to fly tip these anywhere."

More bottles, jerry cans and a tyre stack add to the rubbish round the front of the building.

"That vent should be kept clear."

The cans were all painted beforehand, then glued in place. A few extra stains and streaks were added to some of them.

"So... you claim rats made all these holes, hmm?"

The front of the building is riddled with bullet-holes.  I crushed up some bits of cast plaster and sprinkled the fine debris on the ground under al the damaged parts of the building, then fixed it in place with a few drops of PVA/varnish and black ink. The ink soaked into the plaster, giving it a grey colour to match the building.  I also cut some tiny bits of stretched sprue and glued them down near the door.  Painted white and brown, they make ideal cigarette ends.  I used some suitable bullet-holed oil drums on the corner of the building too.  The little pile of boxes and cans to the right of the door is all cast as part of the model - fantastic detail!

"I'm not buying it.  I'm checking up top."

A small piece of paper from a magazine became a poster.  This certainly looks like a fun place!

"Fag ends, cards..."

The roof includes lots more cast-on detail such as cigarette-ends (the reason why I added some more out the front), training wires, a tyre, drink can and blanket/tarpaulin.  I added the fuel can and some playing cards.

"Wonder who won the game?"

The cards are just tiny bits of paper glued down, then dotted with red or black to give the impression of cards.  There's a vague attempt at a face card there too!

"Heavy smoker."

The photographs don't really show it, but gloss varnish was used in a few places to show leaks and damp patches, such as under vents and broken pipes.

"Someone's been up here too."

The roof incudes some badly cracked tiles, rubble and a broken TV aerial, plus a few more fag-ends.  I didn't add anything up here, the amount of detail was nice and I wanted to leave plenty of space to position a weapons team or a squad of troops.

"Been keeping a watch from here too."

The broken pipes give plenty of opportunity to experiment with streaks of rust and grime.

"Not much of a view though?"

The yellow lines were stencilled on using a sheet of paper and a Wilko "Bumblebee" yellow tester pot.

This is a really great model, super-detailed with loads of character.  I felt it deserved a proper scenic base to complete the aura of decrepitude and decay.  It was a chance to try out a few new techniques and improve some existing ones, such as the rust-streaking and using weathering washes.  The little sheets of paper, playing cards and cardboard boxes were fun to make too.

The original building, top right.

Thursday, 22 September 2022

Some beds for the dungeon.

In addition to my recently printed library cupboards, I thought a few beds would be useful for my dungeon.  These are designed by Curufin, there are 5 different designs but I just printed one of them as designed, plus a mirrored version.

The "red bed".

I used burnt umber on all the wood areas, then drybrushed with burnt sienna on the headboard and footboard and taupe on the uprights.  Pillows and sheet were white, with some Vallejo bleached bone for shading.  I bought a couple of Army Painter Speedpaints recently and thought I'd try them out.  I used Blood Red for the blanket on the first bed.

A chance to test out speedpaint.

As with the library cupboards, I hollowed the object with a 2mm shell and punched a number of holes in the base for resin drainage.

Holes for resin drainage.

I used the Speedpaint Cloudburst Blue on the blankets for the other bed.  I'm not sure how good an experiment this was, they'll probably work better on more textured clothing but they still look OK on the beds. You can see the colour graduation anyway, though I should have been more careful to avoid the dark pool on the blue bed cover!

The "blue bed".

I was lacking any double beds in my dungeon furniture, so these are a good addition that will certainly come in handy.

This is a mirror-image of the red bed.

Curufin also created these more rustic beds, suitable for a barracks or perhaps a more luxurious prison cell.  He has included straw palliasses to fit on the beds, but I'm going to scratch build some instead.  I painted them using Wilkinson's latex emulsion tester pots, Java Bean for the base, drybrushed with Nutmeg Spice or Coffee.

More beds.

The beds come with either long or short posts, so you can use them as normal beds or bunk beds.

Obviously warped!

These were printed a few months ago and they've clearly warped over the intervening period, though some more than others.  I've since worked out that this happens to objects printed flat on the build plate, therefore including the longer-cured base layers.  As the upper layers cure more over time, they presumably contract more, thus causing the curving.  Lifting the object off the build plate seems to help, and it also gives the space for the hollowed objects to drain freely.

Bunk beds rather less warped.

Curufin also makes more luxurious single beds similar to the double beds, but I already have a few in the dungeon.

Scratch built from balsa and milliput.

I have a couple of beds I scratch built from balsa wood and milliput.  I was particularly pleased with the animal skin covering I sculpted on one of them.

Hirst Arts plaster cast bed.

 Hirst Arts mould #59 Unique Inn Accessories includes a plaster bed which is designed to fit perfectly into a Hirst Arts cast dungeon, I have a few of these.

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Library cupboards

One of the designers that I regularly admire items from on Thingiverse is Ecaroth.  I decided to try printing the sample items from his library set to see if would be worth purchasing the entire pack.

Cupboards in the corner.

The sample includes 3 cupboards, one of which is a corner unit.  I painted them with a burnt umber base coat and a heavy drybrush of burnt sienna to give a richer, warmer tone than my existing dungeon furniture.

Cupboards separated.

To save on resin, I hollowed the cupboards leaving a 2mm shell.  I punched holes in the back and base to assist with the resin drainage during printing.

Printed hollow with plenty of drainage holes.

They match well in size with my Mantic Terrain Crate scenery, so I could easily print some more and paint them to match those.  By mirroring each design, you could have a total of six different cupboards.

Comparison to Mantic Terraincrate shelves.

In summary, I think these cupboards have turned out great and I will certainly be purchasing the full set from Hero's Hoard in due course.  They'll be a great addition to my Hirst Arts Heroquest dungon.

Saturday, 17 September 2022

A few more art supplies

The Works recently had a 50% off art supplies sale, so I took the opportunity to stock up on a few items.

£7 of goodies.

I've used a few of The Works' "Crawford & Black" paints before, the pigments have been nice and strong and they've covered well.  I often use Sap Green and Burnt Umber in my scenery work to dye foam flock or to apply a base colour before flocking.

Good range of colours for £4.

I have some plans for an alien world and although I've got the flock finished already, there will be plenty of opportunities for painting tree trunks etc in unusual colours.  I've also been thinking of building some more sci-fi buildings in a rounded, pre-cast concrete style with coloured accents, for which these will come in useful.

One of these must be wrong - can't quite put my finger one which one...

Extra brushes always come in useful and this set has a great assortment for £3.  Some will be good for figures and vehicles, possibly for drybrushing, the biggest will be great for scenery.

Good range of brushes for £3.

All in all, a good haul for £7 and I'll look forward to using these over the next few months.

Thursday, 15 September 2022

Lynx Recce vehicle

These M113-CR Lynx reconnaisance vehicles from m_bergmann will act as scout units for some of my mecha forces.  They're a neat, compact little vehicle that isn't as familiar as its ubiquitous big brother the M113.

Lynx recon vehicles with Peter Pig US troops for scale.

 These had a base coat of Humbrol 242 dark green with Humbrol 249 sand brown patches.  After a coat of Future/Pledge floor polish, I added the decals, including some ID numbers and triangular unit markings.  Once they were sealed in with another coat of polish (essentially a thin acrylic varnish), I gave a shading wash of black ink/matt varnish, then a dusty drybrush.

Top view.

Looking at the pictures now, I realise that I didn't paint in the vision blocks of the lights, so I'll have to go back and do them another day!  There are lots of neat details sich as the Jerry can, shovel and kinetic recovery cable, some of which I also need to finish off.

Rear view.

These will take a fireteam in each and be useful for reconnoitering ahead of the larger mecha.