Friday 12 August 2016

Hammer's Slammers Week - Day 7 - Jeeps

Day 7 - Jeeps

The 2 tonne A21 GEV jeep is a plastic-bodied, rubber/fabric skirted vehicle that the Slammers use for infantry support.  I ordered a couple of packs and Jez kindly threw in a couple of mortar jeeps too.  All have benefited from lots of extra stowage.  I was surprised to find that the jeeps are moulded with the crew in place.  There was a little extra cleaning up required around the crewmen but the rrsin that Old Crow use is very easy to trim away and it only took a minute or two for each jeep.  The gun jeeps come with tribarrels to attach, the cargo jeep has a small package of cargo to stick in the back and the mortar jeep is a single piece casting.

Gun jeeps
Lots of stowage in the back of my gun jeeps.  Brigade Models jerry cans and stowage boxes, hand sculpted tarpaulins, The Scene LAW (buzzbomb launcher for the Slammers).

Gun jeep stowage
Being plastic bodied, there is no reason for the jeeps to be silver like the big iridium armoured Combat Cars and blowers but I've painted them to match anyway, as in the Slammers rulebook.

Gun jeep stowage

 The gun jeeps act as fire support for infantry on their skimmers.

Gun jeep with infantry skimmers

 More extra stowage in the cargo jeeps with Brigade Models jerry cans and stowage boxes and some hand sculpted tarpaulins.

Cargo jeeps
 These were easier to clean up than the gun jeeps because there is only 1 crew member!

Cargo jeep stowage detail
Decals were easy to apply to the large flat sides of the jeeps, though tight trimming of the carrier film was necessary to ensure it didn't overlap the edges.

Cargo jeeps
One of my mortar jeeps still needs a little work - there was an air bubble in the end of the mortar tube so I need to rebuild it when I get an appropriate bit of tubing.

Mortar jeeps
Less stowage in the mortar jeeps but I added some extra ammo crates and a tarpaulin.

Mortar jeep stowage detail
So that's the end of Hammer's Slammers week.  Hopefully I might manage to keep posting a little more regularly for the remainder of the year!  Maybe I'll even manage to fit in another game or two.

End of Hammer's Slammers week...
Coming soon... Action Force - Red Shadows, Z Force and SAS Force...

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