Wednesday 24 April 2019

APCs/ Multi Purpose Vehicles

 I've picked up a few of these APCs,.  They both seem to be an approximation of the Canadian Terradyne Gurkha MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle), with a bit of artistic license over the exact design.

They're available in the UK in Poundland and/or Poundstretcher.  The Matchbox vehicle is slightly longer, taller and much slimmer than the Zuru "Metal Machine".  Both come in a rage of different colour schemes, you may have spotted some lighter blue Matchbox ones in a few battle reports on the Hammer's Slammers web site.  I have 3 white and 2 black Zuru vehicles.

Blister pack

The Zuru ones have only appeared recently in Poundland and Poundstretcher but the Matchbox ones seem to have vanished from Poundland at the moment, I got mine a couple of years ago along with a load of Matchbox M-ATVs and Marauders.

Side view

Overall, I think I prefer the Zuru one.  It also looks to have more internal detail, not that it'll show much once it's been painted.

Rear view
The Zuru vehicle has a better sized rear hatch for quick troop deployment.

Front view
The wider body gives the Zuru model a chunkier, tougher appearance. Note that both have a gun shield suitable for mounting a pintle machine gun such as those offered by Brigade Models.

Top view
The Zuru vehicle also has a larger hatch into which you could place a cut down figure as a gunner.

Terradyne Gurkha MPV
My white Zuru Gurkhas will get a repaint, probably in a jungle or desert green/brown scheme.  I might leave the police ones in their native colour scheme to start.