Wednesday 4 March 2015

Heroquest dungeon furniture

 I received the Hirst Arts unique dungeon accessories mould for Christmas and I've been busy casting lots of books and other bits and pieces to add character to some of my dungeon rooms...

Sorcerer's desk with drawers for spell ingredients and what's that at the front - poison?

Someone appears to be doing some research.  A skull, red books, what could it be?

This book makes it clear - research on Khorne!  Note the Dark Tongue Fleshhound glyph too.

Some sort of Beastman artifact?

A table in the wizard's study.  The book has a map, some sort of gazetteer perhaps?

College of Wizardry symbols adorn the second book.
I've found that dark brown (Vallejo charred brown) looks better than black when writing text in books or labelling jars, less harsh.  Having worked in a museum handling lots of old manuscripts, I know that old oak-gall based ink often ends up a dark brown colour anyway.