Saturday 12 May 2012

Combat Cyborgs

Combat cyborgs are a smaller and less extreme form of militarised cyborg.  While an Assault Cyborg towers over a normal human and is considerably more bulky, a Combat Cyborg is little different in terms of build and height to a human wearing full body armour.  Although these smaller cyborgs do not carry as much armour as their larger companions, they are still far tougher than a normal human, and with built in medical systems they are capable of surviving injuries that would incapacitate anyone else.

 Although physically smaller and less overpowering than the big Assault Cyborgs, Combat Cyborgs have the potential to be just as problematic politically.  Though their general deployment is not as difficult, their smaller size lends them to a covert role that can have major political ramifications.  Rumours of Cyborg "kill squads" being released behind enemy lines have the potential to bring any military force using them into disrepute.  Lightweight Cyborg support units operating in a warzone with their unaugmented counterparts are generally considered acceptable; undercover assassination units operating in civilian areas with the potential for huge collateral damage is another matter altogether.

My Combat Cyborgs will be analogous to a human in light powered armour.
They will generally be of high quality and high morale.  Although it doesn't always follow that more money equals better quality, cybernetic troops are so specialised that in this case it is true.  Cyborgs naturally tend to feel superior to normal troops and are aware that they can take significantly more punishment.  They will also tend to be confident in their own abilities and weapon systems.

Tomorrow's War stats:

Confidence: High
Supply Quality Level: Normal to High (varies depending upon mission)
Overall Tech Level: 2
On Grid? Yes
Body Armour: Tech Level 2 integral hard body shell (1D) (2D with skeletal augmentation - see below)
Troop Quality/Morale: D10/D10

Medium advanced ballistic support weapon: TL2 ABW, Med, AP:3 (stats already include +1D firepower for advanced ballistic weapon.  Will also add +1 to die roll when rolling on vehicle damage table)

Unit Attributes:
Advanced Sensors (+1 Die shift when trying to spot enemy units, double optimum range for spotting (becomes 20"), night vision system)
Hard to Kill (Roll D6 when unit takes casualty; 5+ they are uninjured, do not count as a casualty for morale. 1-4 treated as a normal casualty.  Survival roll cannot be made against any weapon with unmodified firepower of 3D+)
Old School (Will not become pinned or lose confidence if the grid goes down)
Physical Augmentation: Active Trauma Treatment Nanites (allows advanced first aid check even if no-one present to administer aid)
Physical Augmentation: Skeletal Augmentation (+1D armour)

Optional extras:
Some Cyborgs have retractable blades or other weapons built in to their bodies, these will count as Natural Weapons, giving a bonus die in close combat.

Marine directing Cyborg troops
I've painted the cyborgs in my usual brown with black wash, grey & green drybrush camo so that they match my NAC Marines & their associated vehicles.  They've all been mounted on washers to match my other figures.

Red Cyborg
 Having opted for 2 squads of 4, I have a couple of cyborgs left over.  One is red, a tribute to the old Palladium Rifts Red Borgs.  This could end up as the main protagonist in a game, an elite enforcer leading a group of lesser troops in some nefarious purpose.

Blue Cyborg
On the other hand, my blue cyborg is likely to end up supporting some security forces, perhaps on an isolated backwater world where law enforcement will need some extra muscle.

Sunday 6 May 2012

Zombie Hunters

Some more figures from The Scene, 3 male zombie hunters/survivalists.

Left to right: ZH006, ZH002, ZH004
 Loads of detail, though the similarity of the basic figure is obvious when they're all standing together.  Still, when mixed in amongst plenty of other civilians they'll be fine.

Now I just need to paint some more zombies for them to hunt!

Size comparison between The Scene figure and GZG armed civilian

Saturday 5 May 2012

Head swaps

 First an apology for misleading you - the fellow on the left isn't a head swap at all, he's just a Rebel Minis street punk (can't remember which pack he came from) that I though I may as well throw in with the other two.

The real subjects of this post are a pair of GZG armed colonists/civilans from SG15-V07 and SG15-V08.  I've used a couple of the gas mask heads from SG15-XH2.  Existing heads were carefully cut off and saved for re-use elsewhere.  A hole was drilled down into the torso and the head clipped from its sprue leaving a 5mm stalk to drop into the hole.  A blob of epoxy resin to seal it in place and it's all finished.

I'm particularly pleased with the way that the aiming figure has turned out.  Rather sinister...

Friday 4 May 2012

Spaceport crew

I have used Ground Zero Games' SG15-HW1 generic heavy weapon crew in field caps as civilians.  They're the sort you often see working around a starport moving goods about the place.  Safety is important, note that the chap on the right is wearing his steel toecap boots!

 They've been painted in the usual mix of Vallejo, GW and Humbrol acrylics, shaded with Vallejo sepia ink.

They'll mix well with my other GZG civilians/colonists.  I have some more to paint, I might try a couple of head swaps with them to add some variety.

Tuesday 1 May 2012

The Scene survivalists

Today we have 3 ladies courtesy of The Scene's survivalist/zombie hunter range.

You don't want to mess with this bunch of ladies!

 From the left we have ZH005 (kneeling with rocket launcher), ZH003 (kneeling with pistols) and ZH001 (standing with pistol).  They've had their bases filed very thin and been glued to washers to match my other figures.  Paints are mainly a mix of Vallejo and GW.

5 pistols and a LAW between them!

 Excellent figures, lots of detail, no flash, only very faint mould lines to clean up.  Pistols are perhaps a little on the large side but perhaps they're using Colt 45 longslides!

Size comparison - GZG on left, The Scene on right.

As you can see, they are a close size match with GZG figures so will mix in well with all my GZG colonists/civilians.