Friday 11 August 2023

Growing trees - Teloxys aristata (Seafoam) part 7

My Seafoam has been quietly growing over the last month and a bit.  Sadly, the ones I planted directly in the garden aren't very impressive.  Most are like this spindly little specimen.

Fortunately, the ones I moved out into the larger planter are getting very impressive now!

I also transferred some of the ones remaining in the seed trays into small pots to see if the extra room to stretch their roots will give them a bit of a boost before it's time to harvest them.

They were only transplanted a couple of days ago, but I'm hoping that I'll see a bit more growth in another week or two.

The branching structure is really coming on well, so these will be great to preserve in the Autumn and use over the winter for a few terrain projects.