Tuesday 28 November 2023

Road Train Redux Kickstarter

 Kore's latest Kickstarter has almost reached its goal of £750, only £26 to go as I write this, but less than 2 days left.  They're refreshing a lot of their older designs and moulds to make them more printer friendly and easier to cast.


HAWG from Kore's display stand at Diceni.

For only £14 you can get a huge bundle of stl files for printing at home.  I'll quote direct from the Kickstarter:

"The STL Pledge level will give you all of the files for every vehicle that we are remastering - The Goliath Landtrain, Samson alt. cab, RP01 4x4, Type 404 APC, HAWG & Adblimp! You will also get files for every trailer option for the Landtrain plus the HAWG's 2 loadouts. That is a serious stack of hardware ready to print."

My Road Train (awaiting repair!)

As an optional extra, you can add the Stork heavy lift VTOL stl files for only £10.  I have one part-printed, but I have completed several of the smaller but similar LARCs:


Stretched LARC transport.

Another option is get lots of resin printed physical models, which tend to be £4-8 in 15mm or £10-30 for 28mm.

LARC gunship.

These models are great, I'd strongly recommend supporting the Kickstarter here if you can!  Mark from Kore is a lovely chap who really engages with the gaming community, and I hope they manage to get there.

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