Monday 20 November 2023

Off to the cantina

The stereotypical D&D adventure starts in the local tavern. It's a less frequently used starting point in science fiction, but it still crops up regularly, the Star Wars Mos Eisley cantina scene being one of the most obvious examples.  I knew I needed a range of bar scenery for my 15mm games and Evan Carothers (EC3D/Ecaroth) has produced a fantastic set of models for 3D printing in his modular cantina and bar.

The bar.

The bar comprises a number of sections that can be fixed together using openlock clips (3D printable spring clips that can be used to fix together floor tiles, wall panels and all manner of other bits produced by a number of different 3D designers).  I printed at 56% to convert from 28mm to 15mm.  As usual with EC3D, these are all self-supporting to print flat on the build plate.  The whole of the main bar printed on one build plate.  I had a second print run for the smaller stools, tables, seating booths etc.

Straight sections (internal).

 The straight sections include a simple seating section, an order station, drinks dispenser and a plain section.  I've painted them all GW Leadbelcher, black ink washed, then drybrushed with GW chainmail to highlight.  Bar stool cushions were painted in Vallejo khaki, then with Army Painter Speedpaint blood red.  A very gentle drybrush with khaki gave a slightly worn/distressed look to the seats.  The padding along the edge of the bar is Vallejo Xpress snake green.  A few extra details (pipes, drink dispenser) were touched in with my 30-year-old pot of GW Mithril silver.

Straight sections (external).

There are 3 angled sections featuring different details, one entry hatch (I've printed 2), a small sink and a plain seating section.  All of them include cupboards on the inside, the same as the straight sections.

Curved sections (external).

Painting is the same as the straight sections, with red bar stools and green edging on the bar.

Curved sections (internal).

The little sink is a lovely detail, containing some rippled water (I've painted mine a murky brown) and a small drainage area adjacent.

Wash up area.

I printed some extra stools from the office furniture set and painted them to match the rest of the bar scenery.  The patrons need some sort of separate seating to pick up and throw in a fight...

Bar stools.

The set also includes some curved seating booths and tables.  Multiple versions are included, some with the tables attached.  I opted for separate tables to give additional flexibility.

Seating alcoves.

These will fit neatly in a darkened corner for a smuggler and his first mate to discuss shady dealings with potential clients.

Tables optional.

There are some smaller, straight tables too, in the same format as the bar.

Small tables.

The bar can be set up in all sorts of different ways.  A large oval in the centre of the room...

Oval bar.

A smaller corner bar...

Corner bar.

The small tables look good either in the middle of a room or against the edge.

Small tables.

This set contains everything you need for a dimly lit spaceport scum drinking hole, a high-tech cyberpunk bar or a backwater colony planet cantina.  Other items I haven't yet printed include tables with attached bottles and drinking vessels, a whole range of separate bottles/tankards etc, other seating options and some large centrepiece items with a range of drinks displays.

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