Wednesday 22 November 2023

Egg-stremely comfortable chairs

 These egg-squisite chairs from the EC3D furnishing set.  Reduced by 56% to convert from 28mm to 15mm, they print support-free on the build plate.  They have nice panel detail on the base and seat back, so I thought they'd look good with very little effort from me.

They have a Vallejo khaki base coat, thinned sepia wash (1 part Vallejo sepia ink, 1 part Vallejo matt varnish, 2 parts water) which I wiped off the tops of the seat backs before it dried, then a final drybrush of Vallejo bone white.  The seats cushions were coloured with Army Painter cloudburst blue speedpaint.  This came out slightly darker than I expected, so I might repaint them or add more highlights at some stage, but they're table ready now anyway.

I did have a 7th chair but alas, I dropped it in the tub of isopropanol I use for rinsing the prints, and it vanished forever into the murky depths...


  1. Last chair for a God Of Modelling.

    Nice work as always.

    1. Thank you! Hopefully the God Of Modelling will be appeased by my sacrifice.