Thursday 23 November 2023

Control consoles

 I've printed some control panels before, but EC3D do a great set that includes a range of consoles plus some starship seats. As always, these are all printed 56% original size, flat on the build plate, without additional supports.

The first console I painted Vallejo Xpress Imperial yellow over a plain white undercoat.  The buttons were dotted in with Xpress colours, plasma red, snake green, martian orange.

Cables and ducting were painted silver with a black wash.

Some chipping was applied with some silver paint on a scrap of sponge.

The screen is black with various lines, dots and squiggles in white.  Some have been overpainted with red and orange to add a bit of colour.  I might produce another of these consoles and paint it to match my bar scenery, it has the look of a meal order station.

The next console has a thin black wash over the white undercoat.  Buttons are shaded with Xpress snake green and plasma red.

Cables are painted in silver with a darker black wash.

The screen was painted black with white details, overpainted with assorted colours.

The bigger console is a similar colour scheme, giving a well-worn, grungy look.

The back of this one is plainer than the others, but still has a couple of little details.

 These will be right at home on a starship or in a lab, control centre or other sci-fi building.

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