Monday 4 December 2023

New toy and first results...

 I've been thinking about getting an FDM 3D printer for a few months.  My resin printer is still doing an excellent job on smaller items (more of these to come on the blog in the next week or two), but I've seen a number of larger buildings and vehicles that simply wouldn't fit the small build plate

New printer.

 In the Black Friday sales I spotted the Ender 3 Neo for £119 direct from the manufacturer Creality.  A quick check on google provided me an additional £5 off voucher.

Printing some wheels.

This version of the popular Ender 3 comes with a lot of extra features as standard, such as an auto-levelling system, glass print bed and various other add-ons.


Rather than waste filament on the Benchy boat or the random sheep included on the memory card, I jumped straight in with a bit of corridor section from The Dragon's Rest.  After all, watching 3 or 4 YouTube videos on setting up the printer make me an expert, right? Right?

Corridor internal view.

As a first print, I'm really impressed.  The layer lines are far more obvious than my Photon Zero, but I knew they would be.  The detail is great, and the effect from gaming distances of 2-3 feet is excellent.

Corridor top and bottom fit together.

The corridor come in 2 sections, with lots of internal details suck as mesh tread decking, pipes, panels, cannisters etc.  Designed for 28mm, I reduced it to 56%.

External detail.

I used a plain grey spray undercoat, heavy white drybrush and some accent colours (Army Painter Speedpaint blood red, Vallejo Xpress Imperial yellow, Xpress turquoise, Xpress Martian orange).

External detail - other side.

The black section on the end is a connector to "Hub Alpha", which was the next thing I printed.  This took three print runs, one for the hub, one for the roof, another for the doors and other attachments.

Hub Alpha.

The hub includes blank inserts, doors, ramps and corridor connectors which all fit into/onto the doorways.

Hub Alpha interior.

I've also been printing a "Rocker Bug" vehicle.  This is 5 print runs so far, 1 more to go for the bogie arms for the wheels.

Rocker Bug.

These all came from the Dragon's Rest "Outpost Origins Ultimate Kickstarter Collection".  This was another Black Friday special at 50% off.  The models don't show up too well in the black plastic (I'm using PLA - Poly Lactic Acid, derived from corn starch/sugar cane etc), but if the weather holds up tomorrow, I should be able to spray undercoat it.


  1. That's a bargain! I really should follow your example.

    1. From my point of view, it's easier to justify a few bottles of resin arriving rather than boxes of tiny metal people and vehicles!