Sunday 22 January 2023

Dark Force Comics

There is a new comic and model shop in the next town, Dark Force Comics, run by the friendly and helpful Steve.

He has a great range of Humbrol paints, both acrylics (in their new dropper bottle format) and enamels. The kids bought me a few bottles of paint for Christmas, I've always found that Humbrol have the best range of military greens of any manufacturer.  I was in need of some Matt 75 Bronze Green for my Epic scale models and had all but given up finding somewhere local to buy it.

He also stocks various board games - including the new Heroquest!

Alongside it we have Imperial Assault and a few Warhammer bits.

There is a wide assortment of Star Wars merchandise including X-Wing game packs, jigsaw puzzles...

...Star Wars figures and lots of Funko Pop bobble heads.

Back to the model-making side, there are a good range of  model railway scenics, ranging from trackside accessories and figures to grass tufts and other landscaping items.

Of course, the main feature of Dark Force Comics is the comics!  There is a huge range of titles, both current and back issues going back many years.  In addition, Steve sells gloves, protective comic sleeves, binder, display cases and boxes.  There are also autographed prints, art work and more.

The shop is located on the main street, only a few minutes walk from the main town car park.  I should also mention the new craft shop Made to Craft, located through the archway just behind Dark Force Comics, which has a fantastic assortment of art and craft supplies.

If you live in the area, do pop in and show your support if you're able!  You can also order online for mail order.

You can find Steve at Dark Force Comics, The Street, Long Stratton, Norwich NR15 2AH,just next door to the Queens Head pub.

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