Monday 3 October 2022

Shanty barricades

 To go with my recently completed rundown hab block, I printed some shanty barricades from Terrain4Print.  These were rescaled to 56% to convert them from 28/32mm down to 15mm models.  They're pictured here with a range of figures from GZG, Rebel Minis and Peter Pig.

Shanty obstacle B

Shanty obstacle B (reverse)

When you look closely, they don't completely make sense, including only the front half of fuel drums, tyre stacks etc.  They still look great though, so rule of cool says they'll have a place on my games table!

Shanty obstacle A

Shanty obstacle A (reverse)

They have a good range of textures on both sides and I love the little broken up washing machine!

Shanty obstacle C

Shanty obstacle C (reverse)

Shanty obstacles E (left) and D (right)

Shanty obstacles E (left) and D (right)

These barricades will also work with the hab block to provide some extra cover for anyone on the roof or around the front.

Barricades in use.

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