Thursday 13 October 2022

Cargo bay scenery

Some more 3d printing of scenery for a cargo bay or supply dump, this excellent selection of crates and barrels is from Lordogre's Sci fi station colony staceport scatter terrain set.  All were resized to 45% original size, though with 15mm figures they'd look fine anywhere up to about 60% original size.

The Hexagas containers have a nice sci-fi look and come individually and in small stacks.  All received a basic paintjob of base coat, sepia wash on the yellow ones, black wash on the grey endcaps only of the blue ones.  An extra wash was dabbed in around the readouts, then the details were added in with white & green.

The "colony scatter barriers" can be used as barricades, or just to line the walls of a storage building.  They include a mixture of different storage cubes, hexagas containers etc.  I added a couple of extra small cannisters from a stowage set to the top of the first one shown.  Haxagas cannisters were painted as mentioned above, the storage cubes were a mix of reds with red/sepia wash and yellows with sepia wash.  The larger blue crates were dark blue with a black wash.  The large oval tank is orange with a sepia wash, drybrushed pale orange, then given an orange wash using my 30 year old Citadel "Expert Paint Set" inks.  Some of the crates were given grey lids/openings, these had a very pale wash of black with neat black ink used to line in the interlocking lid sections.  Buttons/readouts were carefully painted in with white & green.  There are a couple of dumpy metal kegs too, these were just painted silver with a black wash.

These are a quick and easy way to fill out a cargo bay or storage area.  I will probably mirror the designs in my slicing software and print some more sat some stage, to give me 8 different designs.  Adding one or two individually printed crates from the set will increase the variety even further and I'll add some pictures of the individual crates in my next blog post.

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