Wednesday, 26 October 2022

Rebel Minis VIPER Suit 2

VIPER suit 501 is an anti-armour specialist, equipped with 14 guided missile pods as the primary armament and a chin-mounted point-defence gatling as the secondary weapon.

As an alternative, it could be an artillery or heavy anti-aircraft unit.

I added a small storage cannister to the side of the cockpit.  This is actually a re-scaled WWII German gas mask case.

This pose has turned out better than the first VIPER.

Painting was exactly the same as the first VIPER.

As with the first VIPER, this one has a Jerry can of extra drinking water attached to the main hull.

Water slide transfers were applied similarly to the previous VIPER, though the numbers are obviously slightly different.

I added an extra "NO STEP" transfer to the arm missile pods.  Don't want anyone standing on those!

Don't stand on the missile pods!

Taking advantage of 3D printing, these 3D sculpts are much bigger than the original physical Rebel Minis VIPER suit models, towering over a 15mm figure.

15mm figure for scale.


  1. Fantastic work on the mechs! The muted bases are also really effective.

    1. Thank you, they're really fun to paint, plenty of detail to reward washes/drybrushing, but not too much so that they look busy. Its good to have some big flat spaces for transfers/decals. The bases are my normal grey/brown green ones which I've refined over time so they fit reasonably well with most urban or rural scenery. (Just a shame that many of my battles end up taking place on desert boards!)