Tuesday 28 December 2021

More Ion Age Beotan Werewolves

I made an order from Alternative Armies a few months ago and realised that I still had my old "Ion Age" points saved up.  I really liked the Beotan werewolves I got last year, so I used the points to add a few more.

More werewolves!

2 of the wolves were duplicates (1st & 3rd from left above), but the other 3 were new poses.  All were painted in the same colour scheme as the original 5.  To start with, I added a further heavy weapon trooper.  I particularly liked this pose, it reminds me of my favourite Space Marine heavy weapon trooper from the 1989 Citadel catalogue.  

Heavy weapon support.

Rear view.

When I was at University in Nottingham in the late 1990's I paid a visit to GW to get a few figures specially cast and this HW trooper was one of them.  He got equipped with a Heavy Bolter as part of my devastator squad.

Favourite heavy weapon marine.

Another Maia machine pistol adds to the rank and file troops.  He's a suitable aggressive looking beast.

Fierce creature.


 The commander has a nifty visor and a nice cloak to matk out his importance to enemy snipers.  I thought that a blue cloak would contrast well with the paler, earthier colours of the fur and harness.


Given the rough appearance of the cloak, rather than keeping it crisp and clean, I used a bit of earthy colour around the bottom edge.

Nice cloak!

This gives me a pack of 10 werewolves, a wider choice for Rogue Stars but also enough for a pack of ferals in 5 Parsecs from home.  They'll also be useful as extra tough troops for Tomorrow's War.

10 werewolves.

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  1. Well done. I passed on these models myself. I like your color choices.