Friday, 24 December 2021


One of the 3D printed models I really like is this little 15mm service robot by the talented Mr Dutchmogul.  I've ended up with a few of them painted to match various different settings.  The first few received a basic metallic finish, they'll act as loading robots in a space station hangar or something similar.

Basic metal finish.

 Something that I've quickly discovered is that I need to change my painting style slightly for these 3D printed models.  Previously, a base coat, shading wash and highlight produced a fairly good result quickly and easily.  This tends to emphasise the print lines though, so hand painting a base layer, shading and highlights produces a better result, and doesn't take much longer.

One droid has a colour scheme to tie in with my Rogue Stars crew.

I wanted a robot to add to my Rogue Stars crew and one of these fits in nicely when painted in the pale khaki/bone colour scheme to match the others.  As you can see, the size is just right as designed, though it would be easy to scale it up or down if desired.

Rear view of the Rogue Stars robot.

Of the final pair of robots I've finished so far, one is a bit grubby and battered, with chipped paintwork and various stains.  The other is inspired by the green/tan/red colour scheme on a protocol droid in the Star Wars Rebels TV series.  This last one could have been a bit tidier but it's table-ready at least.

A rather battered robot, plus one inspired by Rebels.

Inspired by Star Wars Rebels protocol droid

Inspired by Star Wars Rebels protocol droid

I do have one or two more of these robots awaiting finishing touches, plus some other larger robots too.


  1. I really like the various colour schemes you did. I'm not as excited by the plain metallic ones.
    I assume this was a resin print? I didn't realize they generated print lines as well. Pity.

    1. If I had angled the robots differently, the lines might have been less obvious. My printer is also a bargain basement one, most resin printers have twice the resolution of mine. I printed at 50 microns layer height, I think in theory I could print at 10 microns but it would take a very long time (10 hours instead of 2). My printer was only £95, with a £200 you’d see much better results!