Friday 3 December 2021

The Great Rationalisation of '21: 15mm scenery from Hirst Arts blocks

One box of scenery in the loft included some of the 15mm buildings I constructed from Hirst Arts blocks.  Although designed for 28mm figures, I found that turned sideways, the blocks worked very well with 15mm figures.  All were glued with PVA to MDF bases.  I need to build a roof for this power/machinery room but the inside looks pretty good I think.

Power/machinery building

There is a small control room at one end of the building.  Now I have some 3d printed furniture I'll have to use it for a photoshoot with some figures.

Control room

The base is MDF with some fabric embroidery mesh glued down as industrial mesh flooring.

Power/machinery room

I also build a generator, not quite up to Echo Base standards but it gets the job done.


I originally planned to build a series of interconnecting rooms, some of which would be raised on supports.  One would have been a control centre for the complex.

View into the raised room

There would have been spave for small vehicles to park underneath.

Raised room

Support for the raised room

I built another generator which was painted in a more rusty colour scheme - obviously less well-cared for than the bigger generator.

Small generator

It's small enough to fit inside some of the buildings.

Small generator inside building

I was very pleased with the workshop/store building.  As well as the main room, there is a small office and an airlock style smaller entrance to the side.

Workshop/storage building

The top of each doorway lifts off so you can decide whether you want the doorway open or closed.

Door detail

Long-time readers of this blog may recognise the building from some of my older posts...

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