Thursday 2 December 2021

The Great Rationalisation of '21: Lots of aeroplanes.

One small and rather heavy box from the loft contains my collection of Matchbox aircraft that will be repainted for use as airfield set dressing for some of my 1980's set Action Force games.

Vought Corsairs - A7D?

My collection of Corsairs is a little battered, a few have rather bent wings and most are missong cockpit canopies.

"Subsonic Interceptor"

The Subsonic Interceptor will be a top secret prototype that needs to be photographed/stolen/destroyed in a black ops type mission.

Little Cessnas I think?

These little 'planes will be handy set dressing on a small airfield in a South American dictatorship...

F104 Starfighters

F-104s feature in the Z-Force story "Desert Strike".

A4 Skyhawks

Skyhawks would be useful if I wanted to do a Falklands style game.

Mirage F1s

Mirages also feature in the Z Force Desert Strike story.

MiG 21s

A few MiGs will be useful for any game involving USSR supported governments.


Not sure how the Alphajets will fit in but I'm sure I'll find a use.

F4 Phantoms
Phantoms appear in an SAS Force story.  You can see that I started repainting one but when I masked off the wings to spray the white panels, something went wrong and it'll need to be repainted from scratch.


  1. Quite a nice airforce there!I look forward to seeing the finished articles:)

    1. Don’t hold your breath - might be quite a while!

  2. You should consider stripping the old paint off prior to repainting as long as the bodies are metal not plastic.