Saturday 4 December 2021

The Great Rationalisation of '21: Shuttle (or Thunderbird 4)

The new Thunderbids are Go TV series is absolutely fantastic and Number 1 son and I (and Mummy too) really enjoyed it.  Before he had even started watching it I grabbed a Thunderbird 2 from Argos at only £11 which was something like 60% or more off the normal price.  It comes (as do almost all Thunderbird 2s) with a Thunderbird 4 submarine which I thought would make an ideal shuttlecraft.

Fear not, I did not swipe my child's Thunderbird 4, no, instead we found another T2 cheap on eBay ffom which we could use the pod for his pod vehicles set, the main craft as a wrecked dropship, and the T4 as my shuttle.

Thunderbird 4 with GZG tech for scale.

 I'll be printing s boarding ramp and some legs for it at some point and it'll make a nice little bit of scenery


  1. Is exactly what I had planned for them, but as I'm now liquidating my 15mm scifi collection I've passed both of them on to a friend. The Thunderbird 2's will do nicely for my 28mm though.