Friday 4 November 2011

Robot week - day 5 V15-68A GunBots (tracked)

For heavier combat situations, my NAC Marines can deploy these tracked gun-drones.  Armed with twin gauss machine-guns, they can lay down heavy fire.  The tracked chassis gives reasonable mobility over most terrain.  They're very similar to the spider drones, but the lower centre of gravity on these tracked robots means that they're less likely to be knocked over by the concussion from near-miss weapon strikes.  Spider drones are more flexible in an urban environment with lots of hard-edged landscaping and steps, but for general combat duties the tracked drones work just fine.

I love these robots!  The only disappointing thing is that the mould must have been slightly mis-aligned.  The gauss guns are so small that if you tried to clean the mould lines off completely, you'd end up with weapon barrels so thin that they'd droop under their own weight.  Luckily it isn't too noticeable when they're painted and I'm very pleased with the end result.

My Tomorrow's War stats:

"Dumb 'Bot"
Tech Level 2
Troop Quality D8

Gauss machine guns: TL2, GWS, AP:3/AT:1 (L) (As a TL2 Gauss support weapon, stats include firepower bonus for gauss weapon system.  Will also ignore 1 die of target cover or armour).

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