Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Robot week - day 3 V15-46B Recon/Patrol Walker Drone

These walking gun-drones are one of several types of robot used by my NAC Marines.

The drones come equipped with a light autocannon suitable for anti-personnel work and also engaging softskin and light armoured vehicles. Their four widely spaced legs give good cross-country performance and, combined with the low-slung body, provide a fire platform that is second-to-none. The legs enable it to self-level regardless of the terrain over which it travels, and for ambush work it can lower itself to the ground to provide a very small target. As with the wheeled drones used by my OUDF forces, these walkers provide general purpose fire-support to infantry squads as well as recon/sentry/ambush duty.  Their method of locomotion makes them especially well suited to providing integral fire support to infantry squads.

My Tommorrow's War stats:

"Dumb 'Bot"
Tech Level 2
Troop Quality D8

Light Autocannon: TL2, AP:4 / AT:2 (L)
Note that walker chassis will give greater mobility than wheeled/tracked (comparable to infantry).


  1. Hey Paul, Nice little units-you may have changed my mind about deploying drones and weapons platforms! Enjoyed your review on Amazon about Tomorrow's War Rulebook. I got mine from Amzon on pre-order as I assume you did, and am in complete agreement with your assessment. Thanks for posting! By the way, are the 'Scene' special forces a compatible size with GZG figures? Best Wishes.

  2. Will try and post a comparison picture of "The Scene" figures & GZG. They're a good match I think, but it comes down to how you base them as much as anything - and even GZG's figures vary in height quite a lot.