Thursday, 22 September 2022

Some beds for the dungeon.

In addition to my recently printed library cupboards, I thought a few beds would be useful for my dungeon.  These are designed by Curufin, there are 5 different designs but I just printed one of them as designed, plus a mirrored version.

The "red bed".

I used burnt umber on all the wood areas, then drybrushed with burnt sienna on the headboard and footboard and taupe on the uprights.  Pillows and sheet were white, with some Vallejo bleached bone for shading.  I bought a couple of Army Painter Speedpaints recently and thought I'd try them out.  I used Blood Red for the blanket on the first bed.

A chance to test out speedpaint.

As with the library cupboards, I hollowed the object with a 2mm shell and punched a number of holes in the base for resin drainage.

Holes for resin drainage.

I used the Speedpaint Cloudburst Blue on the blankets for the other bed.  I'm not sure how good an experiment this was, they'll probably work better on more textured clothing but they still look OK on the beds. You can see the colour graduation anyway, though I should have been more careful to avoid the dark pool on the blue bed cover!

The "blue bed".

I was lacking any double beds in my dungeon furniture, so these are a good addition that will certainly come in handy.

This is a mirror-image of the red bed.

Curufin also created these more rustic beds, suitable for a barracks or perhaps a more luxurious prison cell.  He has included straw palliasses to fit on the beds, but I'm going to scratch build some instead.  I painted them using Wilkinson's latex emulsion tester pots, Java Bean for the base, drybrushed with Nutmeg Spice or Coffee.

More beds.

The beds come with either long or short posts, so you can use them as normal beds or bunk beds.

Obviously warped!

These were printed a few months ago and they've clearly warped over the intervening period, though some more than others.  I've since worked out that this happens to objects printed flat on the build plate, therefore including the longer-cured base layers.  As the upper layers cure more over time, they presumably contract more, thus causing the curving.  Lifting the object off the build plate seems to help, and it also gives the space for the hollowed objects to drain freely.

Bunk beds rather less warped.

Curufin also makes more luxurious single beds similar to the double beds, but I already have a few in the dungeon.

Scratch built from balsa and milliput.

I have a couple of beds I scratch built from balsa wood and milliput.  I was particularly pleased with the animal skin covering I sculpted on one of them.

Hirst Arts plaster cast bed.

 Hirst Arts mould #59 Unique Inn Accessories includes a plaster bed which is designed to fit perfectly into a Hirst Arts cast dungeon, I have a few of these.

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