Monday 26 February 2024

Cryogenic Suspension Capsules

These cryogenic capsules from Dutchmogul were one of the first things that I printed when I got my 3D printer in late 2020.  I only printed a single bank of capsules with a control panel.  More recently, I printed a few more, enough to put the crew of a small starship into suspended animation.  I have finally finished painting them all, too!

Designed for 15mm use, these were printed straight on the build plate with no need to re-scale or support them.

You could probably hollow them out to save resin, but I didn't bother because they aren't all that big and if they were hollowed, you'd need to support them, which would use a lot of what you were saving.

After a grey spray primer, the base colour of Vallejo cold grey was given a black ink wash, then drybrushed with Vallejo stonewall grey.

Metal parts were painted GW leadbelcher, black washed, then highlighted with my 30 year old pot of GW mithril silver.  The monitor screens are black with white squiggles for text.

The windows were painted with Vallejo Xpress Caribbean Turquoise paint.  I'll add some gloss varnish another day to give them a contrasting texture.

The cryogenic capsules come in 3 varieties, a single, a triple and a triple with attached control panel.  I printed the control panel version as it came and again in a mirrored version, so I can have a matching one on the opposite side or a cryogenics bay or other end of the row of capsules.

Also from Dutchmogul are these sci-fi loot markers, including various crates, a cryogenic capsule and a capsule base containing a robot.

 I've already shown some of the robots in a previous blog post.

The cryopods and bases are available as separate items in a Tinkercad file, so I downloaded some stand-alone pieces to print individually.

As well as scenery, these can lend themselves to objective markers, perhaps needing to steal a specific capsule, or maybe evacuate some capsules from an alien threat.

Individual capsules will easily fit onto this grav sled for transport.

These have turned out great, I've seen that there is also a remixed version available with an opening lid and padded interior, which would be a good addition another day.

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