Sunday 25 February 2024

Industrial Crate Piles

As if I didn't already have enough cargo bay scatter scenery, these Industrial Crate Piles are by Project_Radium on Thingiverse.  As usual, the originals were for 28-32mm games, so have been rescaled to 56%.  They were printed flat on the build plate.

The large base crates are Vallejo Stonewall Grey with a heavy black wash, then a grey drybrush.  The big chunk of machinery is Humbrol matt yellow with a sepia wash, the little labels are hand painted.

The smaller crates are Vallejo Russian Uniform Green with a black ink wash.

The blue crates are Humbrol 25 matt blue with a black wash painted into the panel lines.  Red crates are Humbrol 60 matt scarlet, a shading wash and some detail picked out in silver.

 These will give nice big blocks of cover to troops and will quickly fill out a cargo bay.

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