Thursday 29 February 2024

A good sort out...

 I don't have a dedicated hobby space, so my painting and model making tends to happen on the dining room table, or more commonly, in the evenings using a lap tray.  In fact, I have two lap trays, and they've become increasingly crowded over the last couple of years.  I need a 0.5 or 1mm drill bit which is somewhere in this lot.  Time for a sort out, so let's see what we have...

Clockwise from top left: misprint Epic scale vehicles part way to becoming scenery; an upscaled Battletech jeep which has turned out too large for 15mm; some paints; some Blue Moon Vleta Reavers glued to lollipop sticks for painting; assorted bits of rubbish card/paper and some stencils; 30x30mm base for AK-47 Republic; a Pringles tub lid used as a palette but now covered with 15mm figures and a Battletech LRM carrier; sponges to use for paint chipping effects; old toothbrush heads and various bits of broken toys etc fur use in scenery; some Battletech civilian vehicles; an Action Force Kraken; a 15mm Raptor Mecha about 90% complete.

Drill bits; pin vice; old COVID tests which will be used in scenery; a broken bit of Lego that I just glued back together for the kids; a bag of lollipop sticks and 3D printed fence posts; bottle of liquid polystyrene cement; my AK-47 Republic technical for the recent competition.  In the centre is another pringles tub lid with Epic Leman Russ turrets, 15mm figures and bits of scenery, some hex netting that looks too useful to throw away...

15mm figures, mainly Alternative Armies and Old Glory UK African militia..

3D printed arcade machines; some more Alternative Armies figures; Battletech LRM carrier; a couple of grav sleds awaiting handlebars for the last finishing touch; 3D printed tyres and crates; missile launchers from Brigade Models.

Paintbrushes, knives etc.

A Lovecraftian "Elder Thing"; assorted dead bodies, flying eyeballs etc.

GZG OutRim Coalition weapon teams.

Blotz MDF building with a 3D printed tuk-tuk, some 3D printed monsters (Wendigos and Pigmen)

Barbarians; Age of Sigmar figure; Candelabras; Eland/Panhard AML; giant lobster warrior; Star Wars luggabeast

Space Marine; 3D printed scenery (15mm chairs, 28mm cooking vessels, books); "Elder Thing"; a few 15mm figures; computer consoles; Battletech civilian bus; Eland/Panhard AML

Sorting this lot took a LONG time!

After all that, I never did find the drill bit.

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  1. "After all that, I never did find the drill bit."

    Damn. Still, always good to do a clean :)