Friday, 24 March 2023

Spring of Scenery 2023 - Part 3 : Finished forest test base

With the trees ready, the base was painted with PVA, then my "forest floor mix" sprinkled over.  This includes 4 or 5 different green flocks in varying sizes, green painted tea-leaves, plain brown tea-leaves, finely chopped coir (coconut fibre), finely shredded dried leaves and tiny scraps of reindeer lichen.

I added a few twigs from the garden, snapped and glued into position as fallen branches/trees.  After a walk in the local woods, I decided that my model forest floor had too much greenery, so more shredded dried leaves were added, plus some brown tile grout and soil mixture. This also helped blend in the "fallen branches" with drifts of fallen leaves.

Everything was sealed in place by spraying with water/isopropanol then drizzling heavily diluted PVA/matt varnish all over the base.  A few small bushes were added, and the forest base was complete.

Here are some close-up views of the smaller details.  I've tried to make this a fractal piece of scenery, with large details that you can see from a distance but revealing smaller detail as you get closer.  It's impassable to most vehicles, but there is space for infantry to infiltrate between the trees.  It doesn't just block line of sight, it's interactive as well.

Here are a few photographs with the intended 15mm troops in residence.

A final overhead view gives a better idea of the variation I've created between the trees.

Having determined which techniques will work for my woodlands, the next task will be to improve the rest of the trees and cut out a lot more bases for them.  I'll also construct a few small ruins etc to add some interest and create potential objective markers within the woods.

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