Wednesday 22 March 2023

Spring of Scenery 2023 - Part 2 : Improving Chinese Trees


I have some bags of model trees,
I think them rather fine.
In origin they were Chinese;
But now they are all mine.


My Chinese trees came in 4 sizes:
40 x 1:150 scale 8cm £4.99
50 x Z T Scale 3cm £3.99
50 x 4cm 1/300 £3.55
30 x OO/HO scale topiary £3.73
10 x palm trees OO/HO or 1:100 scale £3.23 (as seen in my recent "Palm Tree Improvements" post)

My large palm trees (plus smaller cake decorations)

I had lots of flock ready to use, I also whipped up a few bushes from Reindeer lichen sponged with brown paint, painted with PVA and sprinkled with fine foam flock.  These can look a bit odd on their own but work well on a base mixed with other scenic elements and textures.

My cheap Chinese trees were all very uniform and neat, suitable for ornamental planting but not for my intended use.  I re-flocked them by dabbing a rough coat of PVA over the surface, then sprinkling on a range of foam flocks.  I used a variety of colours and sizes of flock to avoid the trees looking too uniform.  Some had their trunks painted in different greys and browns to give even more variation.

A spray of water and isopropanol ensured that a quick follow-up spray of PVA would be drawn into the flock to bind everything together and hopefully avoid too much shedding during games.

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