Tuesday, 15 December 2020

2020 Autumn of Architecture - Part 3: Desert shrine

My desert buildings are all fairly plain so I fancied making something a bit more interesting, a small shrine.  The basic structure is foamcore with half a foam sphere for the dome, cereal packet card for the archways and triangular roof edging.  The stars are a couple of small sequins.

The whole building was textured with filler/paint.

I made it with 3 sides open so that I could include a detailed interior.  The floor is a single plaster-cast Linka wall section, trimmed slightly for neatness.  The shelf is just a few small balsa scraps.  The pots are 28mm scale plaster cast items from Hirst Arts mould #59.

Some string creeper with green dyed tea-leaf leaves plus home-mad clump foam vegetation finishes the building.  When I find where I put them, I also have some 6mm artillery crew who will be painted gold as litle statues to go on the shelf.

 Quick, easy and small but will make an interesting addition to my desert village.

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