Monday, 7 December 2020

2020 Autumn of Architecture - Part 1: Large desert building

 As the 2020 Summer of Scenery belatedly dawdles to a close, so we gently transition into the Autumn of Architecture (also now somewhat belated, but it's taken me a while to write them up).

I fancied making a few more desert buildings, including one which will be suitable as an objective for various scenarios.  It includes 4 open fronted bays suitable for a range of purposes - storage areas, tank bays, maintenance bays, shop units.  I may build some drop-in inserts for the open bays with tools, refuelling pods etc so it will work for modern or for sci-fi.


Finished building.

The main structure is 5mm foamcore on a foamex base.  To ensure the walls stayed in the right place, I drilled holes in the foamex and pushed glue-coated cocktail sticks up into the foam in the centre of the foamcore.  This held it all straight and prevented any warping while the no-nails dried.

Tank bays...

Or storage areas?

We had some number hole punches in one of our craft boxes, I stacked up 2 or 3 punches of each number to get a good thickness and glued them over the bays.  It adds a bit more interest to the front of the building and also makes it easier to tell instantly which is the front!

Wait! Was that movement back there?

Doorway to the rear access road.

The tank/storage bays all have doorways leading out to a rear compound.

Rear access.

Aerial view.

That tank seems kinda old...

Roof lifts off for figure placement inside.

Plenty of space out the back.

A few weeds out the back.
The base was finished with sand painted the obligatory Nutmeg Spice, Coffee with Desert Sand drybrush.  A bit of foam and tea-leaf scatter plus some not-very-good string trees finishes it off.

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