Wednesday, 14 November 2012

SG15-HS2 Hammer's Slammers with visors closed

 I thought I'd posted these pictures a while ago but if I did I couldn't find them!

These Slammers are identical to set SG15-HS1 except that their visors are closed.  Colour scheme is exactly as the first set I painted.

As before, weapons are (L-R, top - bottom) pistol, buzzbomb launcher, powergun, grenade launcher (thanks to Comstar for pointing that out last time) and 4 more powerguns.

 I think they'd make good security personnel too, they look quite intimidating.

One thing I haven't painted on is the red and blue pull tabs on the front of the armour for the painkiller/stimulant injectors, though they are moulded on.


  1. I do like these figures - I have three squads in fairly standard battlefield camo, plus a skimmer squad, and I've just bought a fourth squad/pack to paint up in dress uniform as "Imperial Guards".

  2. Another set of minis woefully lacking in detailed pics...until now. These guys look great, the helmets and flak vests complement the fatigues nicely and those shoulder insignias really make them "pop", as they say. I like the diversity amongst the ranks as well. I may have to get some of these now that I've had a good look at them.

  3. Nice looking unit mate and like you said they'd make good use as all types of personnel