Saturday 14 May 2011

Afghan / Middle Eastern Houses

Inspired by Force on Force and having read Attack State Red and a few other books recently, I've been building a few Afghan style houses. I'm using 5mm foamcore.

I've gone for 25mm high walls. This allows a 20mm high door, plus 10mm square windows, set 10mm above ground level, leaving a 5mm strip along the top to keep it all together.

I've cut one side of the card plus all the foam away at one end of each wall.

This means I get a nice butt-joint on each corner, giving stronger joints and smoother walls - no exposed lines of foam at the edges which will show through the texturing/painting.

The basic buildings assembled - things are starting to take shape...

I'm giving them all a flat roof for now. I've gone for 1, 2 and 3 storey structures. Some have chopped-up matchstick ladders to provide roof access.

Others obviously have internal stairs to the first floor, then a ladder to the top.

Some just have external stairs.

Each storey is separate, allowing me to position people inside and forget about them, thus losing the game because I can't keep track of where everyone is.

Hmm... hang on, I may have to rethink this last part of the plan!


  1. That's a really cool idea! I'm going to give it a go myself, as I need some good looking, easy to build terrain for 15mm.

    Spartan 117

  2. Nice work I am building an Afghanistan diorama for SC Military Museum...HO scale and need approx measurements of houses alongside a road. Scenario is the lead Humvee hits an EID and convoy deploys after being attacked. Be nice If some of these houses were for sale but can build. Would appreciate any info.

    1. My houses are just generic "middle eastern/desert" style, not necassarily a truly accurate representation of any in particular! The grid on my cutting mat is 10mm so that gives you a rough idea of the length of my buildings, all are built from 25mm high sections.
      I'd suggest googling as many pictures of troops on the ground as you can and playing around with a few layouts. If it's going to be a diorama, you can afford to build slightly flimsier buildings because they won't need to resist constant handling during a game!