Thursday, 19 May 2011

Afghan Houses part 2

Works progresses on the Afghan houses...

The one on the far right with 3 arched doorways will be some sort of meeting house (for far off sci-fi adventures) or mosque (for modern Asian/Middle-Eastern games). It will have a domed roof - once I've added enough layers of papier mache over the plastic ball former that I'm using!

They've been painted with a thick & gloopy mixture of PVA and filler, cheap white poster paint and Windsor & Newton burnt umber acrylic added for colour. It gets painted on thickly, then stippled to give some texture.

A large 3-storey building will be the centre of the settlement.

A few people for scale...


  1. They look great. One tip for this kind of building is external building all Weather paint. You can buy it in test tins at B&Q and it has a very fine texture in it. If you paint it as base coat it gives everything just enough texture to look like concrete.

  2. Thanks for the tip! My friend Howard has recommended some sort of "suede paint" that he has found too, also very fine texture. I was just too lazy to drive 10 miles to the nearest DIY store!