Thursday, 6 May 2010


Looking at the various shacks and other wasteland scenery that's been cropping up on other Blogs recently (Dropship Horizon and Black Primer Paint, I felt inspired to add another little building to my collection.

This shack is based on a piece of 3mm 10x10cm MDF textured with fine sand. The back wall is a Hirst Arts door, obviously scavenged by the occupants. The corner support pillar is another Hirst Arts block, and the side wall has been made from a toy car which has been gently hammered into a flatter and more wall-like shape. The other 2 walls are sections of a plastic punnet which contained supermarket mushrooms. The roof is an off-cut of fine-corrugated cardboard.

I deliberately left the area at the back open as a sort of storage area, giving a few more places to hide in a gunfight. I have added quite a few bits of scenery round the edges; 1/76th scale oil drums and stack of ammo boxes (120mm Challenger tank rounds to be precise) from Continental Model Supply Company, plus a couple more oil drums rescued from an old airfix battlefield accessory kit. I had been leaving them as loose scatter scenery, but I've found that it takes ages to find and pack them all after a game, and they keep getting lost/damaged, so I've decided that I may as well just stick them in place on the other scenery anyway.

Painting used assorted Inscribe acrylic hobby paints:
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Forest Green
Ultramarine Blue
Holly Berry

The roof was painted around the edges with the red-brown burnt sienna for the most rusted parts followed by dark brown burnt umber added for less rusted areas. A couple of extra rust patches were added towards the middle of the roof and around the patch. The white snow & black raven mixed in 2 shades for a basic grey followed by a lighter drybrush to bring out the ridge detail.

Walls were forest green with a quick highlight of forest green+snow. A drybrush of burnt umber added rusted weathering around edges of windows, doors etc, with a few touches of burnt sienna to create fresher areas of rust.

The car received 2 coats of snow to hide the original paint job, then 2 coats of Holly Berry red. Some burnt umber/burnt sienna rust patches were dabbed on to complete the car.
The door is ultramarine blue highlighted with blue+snow plus rust patches. The pillar is mixed raven/snow grey highlighted with extra snow, plus a few patches of green algae.
Once finished, the whole lot had a gentle drybrush of dusty grey around the bottom of the walls etc. to help blend it into the base and bring it all together. When I find my bag of static grass, it'll get a few scrubby patched of that too.

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