Thursday, 6 May 2010

New UNSC Troopers

This is a somewhat experimental colour scheme using a couple of the new UNSC troops from GZG.

This is based on a "Wimbledon" style colour scheme using white, purple and green. I had some old GW Epic scale Imperial Knights which had been painted in this "House Warwick" colour scheme. Although they have long since been re-painted in the "Warp Runners" Titan order colour scheme, I did like the old scheme, so thought I'd give it another try.

I'm not really sure that it has worked! I might go for something more conventional on the rest of them, or perhaps a traditional white and blue UN scheme...


  1. Love it Paul! So Sci Fi!


  2. I'd say the purple and white has worked very well, what really takes the cake are the blue rifles.

  3. Thanks for the feedback - I think I will paint the rest the same way after all!