Tuesday 25 May 2010

Grumpy's Shack update

Grumpy the colonist is slightly less grumpy today as he proudly shows off the latest additions to his grotty shack.

First, we have the lovely rusty fence which now surrounds the outbuilding where he intends to conduct his zombie experiments...

It even has an opening gate - a must for quick getaways when experiments go awry!

Here are the ammo crates where Grumpy stores the "Zombie killer" rounds for his autorifle.

Here are the drums of toxic bioplasm which Grumpy uses in his experiments. Hmm... should they really be leaking like that..?

The fence is plastic mesh that I got in a model railway shop many years ago. It's had a coat of black acrylic, followed by patches of brown and terracotta for the rusty effect, and finally a drybrush of GW chainmail.

Oil drums (resin) and ammo boxes (white metal) from Continental Model Supply Company.

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