Saturday 25 May 2024

AK-47 Republic Day - River Crossing competition

Today is AK-47 Republic Day!  I couldn't manage a game today, but here is my entry to the recent AK-47 Republic Facebook group river crossing competition, a fairly basic bridge.  I included a couple of AK-47 figures, from the Sudan and Colonial range, pack 48 Sudanese women civilians.

"Quick, hide! They're coming..."

"*Phew!* I don't think they noticed us!"

The base is 3mm Foamex, as are the scraps that I used for the bridge itself.  The base is a standard AK-47 Republic terrain template size.  I cut a couple of pieces of Plastruct/Evergreen open truss girder and superglued them to the sides of the bridge.  The riverbanks are a thin line of acrylic caulk.  I painted the base with burnt umber, then hot glued the vegetation, which is an assortment of pieces of plastic plants, fake bamboo and some astroturf.  After the hot glue had set, I added a coat of PVA and lots of my home-made foam clump foliage and some static grass.  The river was painted blue (too bright), then a mixture of blue and brown (just right).  I added some gloss medium to the paint to get a rippled effect and a good shine on the surface.

The design is very simple, but looks OK for the tabletop.  The vegetation certainly helps hide the poor construction of the bridge and the complete lack of supports underneath!  A problem though, is that I have no river sections in my terrain store - I'd better make that one of my next projects.