Thursday 21 March 2024

AK-47 Republic Checkpoint Competition - part 1 (planning)

 This month's competition for the AK-47 Republic FaceBook group is: scratch build a checkpoint for your security sweep / disputed border zone crossing point / election campaign crack down!  No specific rules but at least one Peter Pig figure, vehicle or knick knack should be included.

 I have an old CD to use as a base, foamcore to make a building and corrugated card for a roof.  A privet hedge cutting will form the trunk of a tree.  I'll dig out a coffee stirrer or bit of plastic girder for the road barrier.  Mustn't forget a figure too, maybe a bored guard standing in the shade.  I have a few suitable candidate figures in mind.

I'd like it to be more than just a checkpoint, a few minutes to sketch out ideas and this is what I have so far...

It'll make a good objective marker too.  Just over a week left to pull my finger out and actually start constructing it, I sense a busy weekend coming!


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    1. Thank you! Have yet to actually put knife to materials and get anything physical done, so will be the usual last-minute rush...