Monday, 9 May 2022

Epic Carnodon tanks

To accompany my Aurox APCs, I have 3D printed these Carnodon tanks, stl files again by MKHAND_INDUSTRIES.

The Carnodon is similar to the Predator Annihilator, armed with a twin lascannon turret and a lascannon sponson to either side.

These were printed flat on the build plate. all 4 in one go.  Although you can see the print lines in these close-ups, at normal viewing distances of 8-12" or more they disappear.  They've been painted exactly the same as the Aurox APCs.

I'll probably add a few more Carnodons, the turrets available come in a range of flavours including plasma, battlecannon, twin autocannon, vanquisher cannon and more.  They make an interesting contrast to the usual sea of Leman Russ that equip my Imperial Guards.

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