Friday, 6 September 2019

Diceni 2019

Early May Bank Holiday saw the latest Diceni games festival at The Forum in Norwich.  I was able to pop in for an hour or so to introduce my 4-year old to a few games...

Echidna Games: Alien Worlds

This was a fun little game, very easy to play and designed for getting youngsters into gaming!  Our mission was to capture the robot in the middle of the board.  Echidna Games have their own web site.

Creeping through cover towards the robot...

Trading fire with the enemy!

Contemplating the next move. (Great swamp monster!)

Got to the robot!

Rules sets available.

The Drowned Earth 

Great scenery for this one, not a demo game but nice to look at.  Rules are free to download online if you want to try them.  Small scale skirmish involving dinosaurs and semi-submerged ruined cities...

Saga - Viking raiders attacking a Saxon village to steal their beer!  I thought the scenery for this game was particularly fantastic.

The Anglo Saxon village.

A couple of houses.

The chicken coop!

Nice collection of pots.

Pig sty!

Infinity - Lots of pre-printed laser cut scenery meant this was a very 3D board.

Star Wars: Legion - a few nice scenery ideas here that I might copy.


Sarissa Precision was one of the traders present.  Interesting to see some of their stuff in person.

Occult Wars - The Occult Wars team used to pop along to the Old Buckenham Bone Crushers years ago to run some demonstration zombie and vampire games.  They were always good fun, the club bought a copy of the rules and we played several more games on our own.  I found that the rules were usually fairly flexible and the way the skills etc worked it encouraged players to think outside the box.

Moonstone was another demo game and had great scenery and miniatures.  It's a small scale skirmish game, very Brian Froud inspired by the look of it (think Labyrinth).

I particularly liked the very clever airship and mooring post.

Great waterfall!

Colourful goblin "Beaky Bobby".

To the Strongest!  Run by the Cowards Wargames Club (formerly the Coltishall Cowards until they relocated to nearby Hoveton).  This was an impressive looking game featuring Boudicca's warriors facing up to the Roman Legions.  Britons trying to escape from European control?  Certainly topical, whether you agree with it or not!

These "not Fimir" are by a small company whose name I unfortunately failed to note!  I think a sanitised version (ie without the capturing of human females as breeding stock) of Fimir are making a comeback with GW?

There were several traders - Warlord Games had a large presence.

Lots of second hand games too...

Including old school D&D 2nd edition for those who are interested.

Fewer people in costume this year but some traders still made a good effort.

Escape from the Dark Castle is a very entertaining game, a definite "Fighting Fantasy" vibe.

New Buckenham Historical Wargamers had some nice figures on show.

A final walk back to the car park took us past Norwich's watchful resident dragon.

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