Wednesday 14 August 2013

Armoured Transport part 5

 Progress on my APCs has slowed to a halt while I try (and fail) to find the stencils I was going to try and use for their camo scheme.  In the meantime here are a few pictures of them in their Vallejo reflective green base coat.  They look rather scuffed at the moment, probably need another coat - and they've been gathering dust and bits of fluff for a couple of months now!  Treadplates, tyres and lower hull areas had a splash of brown paint before I roughly applied the green, this has left dirty patches in the nooks and crannies where ingrained dirt will have collected.

APCs on parade.  What a scruffy bunch.

A little bit of stowage added to the back.

Modified Scimitar turret.

Missile pod from Mechwarrior clicky tank.

But wait!  What's that rumbling noise...

Reinforcements arrive.

Yes, it's another 4 APCs plus a load more vehicles, courtesy of e-bay and the local model railway shop. 

Oh dear - another land mine victim?
Time to get the plasticard out for some more conversions!


  1. You've got a bit of work on then! Great use of an alternative resource Paul.

  2. Aha! I've been wondering where these went. Good to see them back on track.

    You really do seem to have the fleaBay knack when it come to finding good loot my friend...